Appreciating the Dark and the Light

From Bartlett’s Health January 1, 2012 by Cindy Lusk

I hope you are appreciating these darkest and lightest days…where outside it can be dark, but inside we join our family and friends in a celebration of the light. We remember the Light that is the Source of all things, it has many names, some simply call it LOVE!

This is a wonderful time for reflection, and it is important to do so. We can look back over the recent past and assess: How has this year gone? Sometimes we don’t recognize the effects of our actions until we look for them. How have the choices you’ve made about your practice, studies, diet, relationships, work, and so on affected your life?

What has been sweet and successful?

Where have you made mistakes?

What pleasures have stood the test of time?

What investments in time, money, and energy have yielded more light and love?

Do you feel more or less light and grounded?

Do you feel healthier and stronger, more at ease?

Does your mind feel sharper? Have you learned something this past year?

Are you more kind? Honest? Less fearful?

How have you acted in relationships? Loving? Supportive? Jealous?

What has shifted for you and what has not?

What would you like to shift?

I feel it is so important for us each individually to take the actions necessary to clarify and enhance our personal vibratory level—for ourselves, for our relationships, and for the entire planet. I am learning that ultimately this comes down to each of us cultivating and synching our energy with the Light, the Source. And also to acknowledge, synch, create space and encourage that light to shine in others.

I invite us all to make 2012 a truly transformative year. May we all take the time to reflect on our lives and commit to cultivating in our lives those things that create more connection to the Light.

What are the one to three things you can cultivate or shift in your life to create more connection?

If you’re willing to share any of the results of your reflections (confidential of course), I’d love to hear, as it will help me decide how I can serve you in the coming years.

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