Good editing keeps readers engaged; the lack of it causes them to stop reading. Judging editorial skill from a finished product is like looking at the “after” photo without seeing the one that came “before.” Still, these articles demonstrate how a good editor can improve the likelihood that your target market will read your posts and respond to your messages.

sad man

PSA Testing: What’s a Guy To Do?

Updated From original article published in Bartlett’s Health on November 29, 2011 by Jeff Ward, CPCC I sat at my kitchen table in total disbelief. I just received the news from my doctor that I had tested positive for prostate cancer. Here I was, young (late 40s), very healthy and fit for my age, with absolutely […]

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“Enriched” Gluten-Free Products Are Far from Healthy

From Bartlett’s Health on December 20, 2011 by Julie McGinnis, M.S., R.D. The Standard American Diet, otherwise referred to as S.A.D., consists of low quality factory farmed meats, over-processed packaged foods with vitamins and minerals added back in, condiments, and a leaf of iceberg lettuce as the vegetable for the day—SAD indeed. Packaged processed foods […]

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Appreciating the Dark and the Light

From Bartlett’s Health January 1, 2012 by Cindy Lusk I hope you are appreciating these darkest and lightest days…where outside it can be dark, but inside we join our family and friends in a celebration of the light. We remember the Light that is the Source of all things, it has many names, some simply call […]

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The Healing Benefits of Writing

From Bartlett’s Health January 30, 2012 By Jennifer Delaney, N.A., N.C.C Like jogging several times a week, writing is good for you. As with running, for some people, the thought of putting pen to paper is about as enjoyable as lacing up those sneakers. But, it can improve mental health and emotional well being, and as […]

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The Healing Power of Love

From Bartlett’s Health February 29, 2012 By Marla Martenson As a real-life cupid, I make love connections on a daily basis. Even singles who claim they are “burned out” or taking a break from dating” eventually jump back into the ring and have another go at finding their soul mate. No matter how many times our […]

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