Good editing keeps readers engaged; the lack of it causes them to stop reading. Judging editorial skill from a finished product is like looking at the “after” photo without seeing the one that came “before.” Still, these articles demonstrate how a good editor can improve the likelihood that your target market will read your posts and respond to your messages.


Dress to Compress

From Bartlett’s Health on February 12, 2012 By Susan Eastman Walton Chances are you’ve seen runners wearing what look like dorky knee-high socks. True, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there is more than meets the eye here—regardless of one’s fashion sense. Actually, these runners are wearing compression socks or calf sleeves, […]

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Golf the Smart Way

From Bartlett’s Health on April 4, 2012 By Dillon Johnson, PTAG-CPt, TPI-PF3 Golf dates back as far as the 1400s, with its official rules put down in writing in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1744. Today, any modern golfer would easily recognize the game as it was played then. Although golf has been around for centuries, it […]

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Nearly the One

From Bartlett’s Health on April 17, 2012 By Marla Martenson How do you know if you have found the right one? Your soul mate? Sometimes, we just know it, and it works without a hitch; other times we go through a different process—a series of “near-fits” or “almost-matches.” But that’s okay. When this happens, these […]

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Kissing the Bull

From Bartlett’s Health February 17, 2013 By Jennifer Delaney, M.A., N.C.C. My client hesitated at the door before leaving. “So, this ‘feeling stuff’ is supposed to make me feel better?” she asked. I put a hand on her shoulder and sighed. “Yes. It will.” I couldn’t bear to tell her that meeting her inner monsters […]

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Five Effects of High Altitude on Your Body

From Bartlett’s Health on March 1, 2014 By Jennifer Gilligan  Oxygen levels fall as altitude rises. This inverse relationship has all sorts of effects on the body. If you’re planning on moving or traveling to an area with a significantly higher elevation than you’re used to, plan ahead to minimize these five altitude-related conditions: Respiratory […]

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