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More Choices from the People at Choices in Health

Volume 9-2013   More Choices from the People at Choices in Health Dear Mark, I hope that all of our patients and friends living along the Front Range have come through this recent deluge feeling healthy and relatively unscathed.After analyzing the data from our first eight newsletters, we’ve noticed some trends in our readership. In […]

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Book of Myths

Debunking Myths and Legends: Testosterone and Prostate Cancer

  Volume 7a-2013   Dear Mark, Allow me to begin this message by sharing how excited I am about my upcoming presentation, Debunking Myths and Legends: Testosterone and Prostate Cancer.  I hope you can join us. Throughout my training as a board certified urologist and urologic oncologist, I struggled to make sense of the accepted medical […]

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Andropause: Not Just a Problem for Old Men

 Volume 7-2013   Hello, I wanted to take a minute to reinvite you to the FREE presentation I am giving this coming Wednesday, July 31: “Andropause, not Just a Problem for Old Men”If you’ve never heard of “Andropause,” it’s another name for “male menopause,” which is really a misnomer, so I prefer to use the medical […]

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Is Stress Affecting Your Health?

Volume 6a-2013   Dear Mark, First, I want to apologize about the missing link in last week’s newsletter that prevented many of you from opening “The Bittersweet Truth About Sugar” article. If you would like to read this article now, please click on the title in the previous sentence. I hope you find that this article was […]

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