Mark’s Story

Adapted from a blog post originally published in Bartlett’s Health on June 13, 2011

In January 2006, at the age of 46, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer (T1c, Gleason 6 with a PSA of 5.61). The urologist who performed my first prostate biopsy informed me of this fact via cell phone as I was about to walk into my neighborhood dry cleaners. His first question, “Are you driving?” tipped me off that this conversation wasn’t going to go the way I’d hoped. His not-so-polished “you have cancer” speech began with, “I see this all the time,” and ended with “we can schedule your surgery any time you’re ready, but we should do it within the next couple of months. Take a couple of weeks to think about it.”

The sidewalk felt like it was coming out from under me.

For the next month, my life was a slow-motion freak out, including a week where suicide sounded like the best option. Thanks to the love and care of friends, family, and my girlfriend at the time, I came out of that dark place and embraced life again — this time with a renewed sense of appreciation. From that point on, my life has become a focused effort to go beyond healing from this disease to embracing the truly healthy person I always knew was lurking somewhere inside me. As Dr. Jesse Stoff says in his book The Prostate Miracle, “a healthy prostate cannot exist in an unhealthy body.”

After being diagnosed, I spent the next four years seeking out the experts, being poked and prodded and in places I never imagined, undergoing batteries of the latest images and scans, continually revising my diet, learning how to let go of my emotional baggage, receiving hands-on healing, embracing Chinese medicine (including drinking dark, dangerous-looking herbal concoctions that tasted and smelled unbelievably bad), learning how to meditate, becoming a yoga fanatic, taking more supplements than most body builders, and trying every non-traditional healing approach that made sense (as well as a few that didn’t).

The most recent hurdle in my healing journey has been recovering  from a persistent  form of prostatitis. This on-again-off-again condition stubbornly refused to go away. I believe my prostatitis was a result of the three prostate biopsies. My prostate never recovered.

To heal from this condition, I had to open myself up to spiritual healing. So I went to see John of God in Brazil. The experience was life-altering. I’ve never been in a place where I was conscious of the spiritual and the material occupying the same space. More on this experience in future blog posts.

I only have about three more days worth of the John of God blessed herbs before I go and have my PSA rechecked. However, even before I receive that new number, I know I’m healed. My body is dramatically different. My prostate feels great — that is to say, I seldom notice it.  I also feel happier, healthier, lighter, and more hopeful than ever.

I’ll keep everyone informed about the new information when I receive it.

Be well

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